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Karma Effect is the only Marketing & Multimedia Consultancy in Hong Kong.*
We do what agencies and production houses do, but something more.
W E ⠀ G O ⠀ E X T R A ⠀ M I L E S .

We offer true one-stop solution for your marketing deployments, which fits for all scales and stages of developments. From analysis and planning all the way to execution and distribution, as well as retainer and branding.
W E ⠀ G O ⠀ E X T R A ⠀ M I L E S .

We don't just stop there. Instead of mere completions of campaigns or projects, we value the sustained prosperity of your enterprise and the progress to your long term aspirations. Long for greater achievements in higher dimensions.
To achieve more in higher dimensions, we keep pushing boundaries to offer enterprise solutions to Branding, Marketing, BD, PR as an all-in-one package. By providing full-spectrum insights and directions, customisable methods, and bespoke strategies, Karma Effect is your most ideal and reliable ally towards the next big step to your success, prosperity, and aspirations.

Last but not least, we are the only firm in the marketing industry to offer refund policy.
W E ⠀ G O ⠀ E X T R A ⠀ M I L E S .

* Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the most crucial sectors in the scope of modern marketing, where content is inseparable with multimedia. Our team has over a decade of experience in multimedia production, allowing us to offer not just either planning or execution services, but the best of both worlds.


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